Development Kit

Rimit's Software Development Kit (SDK) helps entity's developers to integrate with Rimit easily and quickly.

File structure

The Development Kit contains the following directories & files.


  • commonCodes Common code file helps to maintain and manage ERROR/ FAILED/ SUCCESS codes in the workflow.

  • config The config file helps to manage all workflow related to configurations.

  • crypto To manage encryption and decryption of data.

  • hashing To generate and verify the hash value to ensure data integrity.

  • response To manage the response to webhook requests for accountFetch and accountStatement.

  • request To manage REST requests for addAccount, confirmDebit, confirmCredit and statusCheck .


  • accountFetch Used to find a user's account details.

  • accountStatement Used to find a user's account balance and account transactions.

  • transactionDebit Used to manage debit transactions.

  • transactionCredit Used to manage credit transactions.

  • transactionCashWithdraw Used to manage cash withdraw transactions.

  • transactionCashDeposit Used to manage cash deposit transactions.

  • transactionStatus Used to find the latest status of the transaction.

Sample Data


Use the encrypted request format (payload) specified in the Sample Data.txt below for testing.

UAT Credentials


Use the credentials below for initial testing with Sample Data.txt.



Developer environment for testing -

User mobile application for testing - Android Playstore

Quick Integration kit

Learn about different technologies you can use to quickly integrate your application with Rimit


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