Common Codes

The list of common result codes / response codes applicable to all APIs and Webhook

HTTP Response Status Codes


HTTP_CODE must be indicated in the head object in the response body. This helps the Rimit and the Entity to ensure whether the responses are valid or not.
Please refer to HTTP STATUS Codes to understand more.
200 - Request is successful
400 - Bad request (encryption/decryption failed/ Error occurred)
401 - Unauthorized (unauthorized access not allowed)
406 - Not Acceptable (Mismatch in details provided)
409 - Conflict (Unable to process request data)
503 - Service Unavailable (Service unavailable due to technical issue)

Result Code


If the request is processed successfully, the response must be SUCCESS.
1001 - SUCCESS


HOLD applies only to cash-based transactions. WITHDRAWAL and DEPOSIT.
1002 - HOLD


The FAILED status applicable if the transaction fails due to the reason codes stated in the confirmDebit / confirmCredit.


The ERROR status result codes applicable to a request and response in the API are listed on the corresponding API documentation page.
2001 - Failed due to technical error
2002 - Error with the service provider
2003 - Service is not available
2004 - Authentication failed
2005 - Server Down
2006 - Cannot process this request
2007 - Encryption failed
2008 - Decryption failed
2009 - Hash validation failed
2091 - Transaction details do not match
2092 - Transaction reference is not unique
2093 - Transaction reference must be the same for HOLD
9988 - Entity is inactive
9989 - Insufficient virtual account balance